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ZONSAN 2-IN-1 Power Strip+ 65W GaN Fast Charger

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Author : ZONSAN
Update time : 2023-07-31 20:21:05
Fast charging power strip is a type of innovative electronics, featuring quick charging for all kinds of mobile electronics, which makes it popular in the market.
According to related research, the demand has been crazily increasing on the fast charger power strip. So it is promising to make fast charger power strip for ZONSAN, as a manufacturer producing high value items to the market.
Following are some benefits for a fast charging power strip.
  1. Fast charging power strip is excellent in fast charging at a short time, which saves a lot of time.
  2. This kind of products are usually built in more than several high speed charging ports. They are ready with most different protocols for different electronics brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei. With these protocols, the usb ports provide wide compatibility to smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  3. Multi-protection to devices. With development of charging technology, all kinds of protections have been applied in fast charging power supplies. Even thought without adapter, there are still enough protections to your equipment from damage.
Along with these benefits, fast charging power strip has been the necessary electronics in our daily life. Meanwhile, the increasing demand on mobile devices makes fast charging power strip market more promising. With more and more big power smartphones to the market, the demand of fast charging power strip will keep increase in the following years.
Generally speaking, it is promising to develop fast charging power strip. However, developing a fast charging power strip is full of challenges. Fast charging power strip is a hi-tech product, which set up more requirements to enterprise, on product quality, technology power. Considering the high tech techniques, fast charging power strip are for middle-high end markets, which will be an obstacle to stop its fast acceptance to the market. You can also regard it as a combination of usb charger and traditional power strip. A full set of certificates will be required for the products like CE,ROHS,ERP for EU markets, UL, ETL for NA market, KC,KCC for Korea market.
Zonsan new power strip with 65W GaN fast charger was firstly displayed at April HK fair. With CE/ROHS/ERP/CB/KC/KCC certificates ready for EU and Korea market. Building latest GaN fast technology in the product, it is more popular in the market. The PD 65W fast charging can provide fast charging to Samsung, LG, Macbooks as well.
Fast charging power strip owns great potentials both for manufacturer and importers. The value it brings deserve a big investment. Less competitiveness makes seller to occupy market quickly.
How is your comment on fast charging power strip products?
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