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What is GaN5, Gan Pro?

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Author : ZONSAN
Update time : 2023-07-31 20:28:07
  1. What is GaN?
GaN is a kind of semiconductor materials used in developing microelectronic and optoelectronic devices. It is called 3rd generation semiconductor together with SIC and diamond. Ge and Si materials ranks 1st generation, GaAs and InP ranks 2nd generation materials.
Comparing with traditional silicon materials, GaN has higher withstand higher elctric field, which enables product to work at higher voltages. Secondly, GaN owns higher Electron mobility, which means the electrons can move faster in the device and provide higher response speed to be device. Meanwhile, GaN has better thermal conductivity and higher thermal stability. With these features GaN materials can operate in higher temperature, thus reducing the need of heat dissipation.
  1. What is the advantages of GaN materials
  1. GaN materials brings higher charging efficiency to usb chargers
  2. GaN materials has higher thermal stability, which generates less heat and provide better temperature rise to PCB board. With this benefit, it is easier for designers to design PCB board and to do higher ouput in same space.
  3. GaN usb charger generate less heat, this brings less damage to other components and make usb charger more stable and safer.
  4. Eco-friendly: No harmful substances used in production, it is better to environments.
  1. What are the IC brands using in usb charger
Here are some widely used GaN brands in the market. Power Integration, Nativas, Innoscience, Southchip, Ismartware ect. Power Integration and Navitas are the first two GaN IC brands used in USB chargers, which was regarded as 1st generation. With market development, more and more GaN IC brands were used in designing USB chargers. GaN USB charger price has come down a lot. To make the product different from the market, the top e-commerce company are using their marketing technique by naming their products with concept of generation, even though they are using same GaN brand.
  1. GaN market
With developing of the market, GaN IC supplying chain is getting better and stable. GaN usb charger price has come down a lot. More and more manufacturer has developed GaN product lines. And the concept has been widely accepted to the market. Smartphones and laptops are using powerful usb chargers. GaN usb charger are used by Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, Samsung, Nubia smartphones, which makes the market more colorful.