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What is QC charging?

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Author : ZONSAN
Update time : 2023-01-13 17:59:21
What is QC charging? 

To understand better for quick charging, we have to know more about the development of QC charging. The table below is the difference between each version.

In 2013, Qualcomm has introduced the concept of fast charging and developed 5V/2A fast charging, that is QC1.0 which is regarded as the milestone for quick charging.

QC1.0 broke the maximal current limitation 1.5A set by USB-IF. QC1.0 achieves working current 2A, output up to 10W and brings people into quick charging stage.

In 2014, Qualcomm announced the QC2.0 by increasing working voltage as 9V/12V/20V. With the help of higher voltage, QC2.0 can achieve 1.5 times much faster than QC1.0. Usually QC2.0 is divided into two standards. A standard is widely used in most smartphones, which can achieve 24W max via Micro USB port and reach 36W max via USB Type-C port.

In 2015, QC3.0 was published by Qualcomm company. INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) was introduced, meanwhile, the max current was increased into 3A. QC3.0 is more intelligent for charging, with intelligent voltage adjustment in range of 3.6-30V, 200mV for each class. With the benefit, QC3.0 has increased charging speed 33% faster over QC3.0 and 45% less heat generation.
In 2016, QC4.0 came out with more accurate INOV and max current up to 5.6A. This is first time to make it compatible with PD2.0, but not with QC3.0 or QC2.0. To make it better, the QC4+ was introduced in 2017 with more perfect compatibility.

Till 2020, Qualcomm announced the QC5.0, which makes the output up to 100W. By testing on some devices, it takes only 5 minutes to charge from 0 to 50% of the battery. The benefit over QC4.0 is 70% higher efficiency and 10 degree less on heat generation. On the other side, with PD3.0 published, QC5.0 is not as hot as QC 3.0 used to be.

Do you think QC5.0 will survive from PD3.0 competition?