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What is GaN Charger technology?

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Update time : 2023-02-20 16:11:35

What is GaN technology?  and why do you need a GaN charger?

 GaN technology charger
GaN or Gallium Nitride chargers are about three times as efficient as silicon-based chargers in converting power to electricity, and they're much smaller and more portable too, enabling them to charge your phones ten times faster than a regular charger, meaning you can take them with you anywhere and still get more power.
GaN is resistant to high temperatures, the chargers last a lot longer while reducing the heat put out by the device. GaN tech will increase the possibilities of producing more powerful devices while using less energy in the future, they have quickly become popular as the perfect semiconductors among chargers.
The major reason why GaN chargers are preferred over silicon-based chargers is that it uses less energy by converting electricity to alternating current more efficiently. As you can see, GaN chargers are now being seen in smartphones and other electronics devices.
Silicon has been the preferred material for transistors since the 1980s. Silicon absorbs energy better than traditionally used materials, such as vacuum tubes, while still lowering costs due to its low production cost. Technology advancements over the years have resulted and quickly changed the future of chargers. GaN is a unique material. It's a crystal-like substance that can conduct even higher voltages. GaN components allow electrical current to flow through them more quickly.

Why are GaN Chargers Better Than Ordinary Chargers?

GaN components conduct electrons more efficiently than silicon and can withstand higher electric fields. This allows GaN devices to have superior power and speed, and operate at lower temperatures. Because of this, GaN is gradually replacing silicon in the construction of chargers and other electronics.
When it comes to chargers, heat is generally caused by certain components being overworked. Since GaN operates much faster and more efficiently, there is significantly less heat created compared to silicon-based devices.
Gallium Nitride chargers

Since less heat is generated, components can be brought closer together to make our chargers smaller than ever without sacrificing power or safety.
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You can easily get your GaN fast charger from our collections of chargers, we have 65W 100W GaN Fast chargers that you can use to power up your mobile devices easily.
ZX-3U12T 65W GaN charger
ZX-4U14T 100W GaN charger
65w charger100w GaN charger
They come in a very small portable design and it is 50% smaller and lighter than a standard MacBook charger, very compact and enough to take it with you anywhere. The ZX-4U14T has a total of 100W Power delivery, and ZX-3U12T has a capacity of 65W power delivery, with GaN tech, our charger works to lower power consumption and maximize charging efficiency by over 70%, providing you the perfect charging power and speed to power up your devices also ensuring to maximize safety by protecting your device from overcharging and short-circuit.