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Why are more and more brands selling mobile phones without charger?

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Author : zonsan
Update time : 2021-06-30 14:40:40

Why are more and more brands selling mobile phones but not charging chargers? The professionals' answer hit the nail on the head

Selling a mobile phone with a charger attached to it is completely normal to consumers. It is not normal if you don’t do this. But nowadays, this kind of abnormal operation occurs more and more frequently. It is not only Appl e, Sam sung, and Huawe i that sell mobile phones. If a mobile phone manufacturer does not send a charger, even Xiaomi, Meizu and other manufacturers have begun to follow suit. If a mobile phone manufacturer does this, everyone will complain about the brand because of this unreasonable phenomenon, but when many mobile phone manufacturers start to do this, The rules of the industry have been changed subtly.
20W PD fast charger

Nowadays, there are mobile phone manufacturers selling mobile phones that do not send chargers. Consumers will not feel surprised. This unreasonable situation has gradually become rationalized. So why are more and more manufacturers selling mobile phones but not sending chargers? Woolen cloth? The author and a mobile phone store owner talked about this matter. The insider's answer was very truthful. Not only did he answer this question, but he also pointedly pointed out the different reasons why the major mobile phone manufacturers did this.

PD charger for iPhone

If you don’t choose the phone included charger , you need to buy it at a higher price, mainly to save money.

Selling mobile phones without charging chargers can undoubtedly help mobile phone manufacturers save a lot of money. Apple, Sam sung, and Meizu are all like this. Take Apple as an example. As the first manufacturer in the industry not to give chargers, Apple It’s really a bad start, and for Apple, the money saved is not much, but the money it can make is much more, because the original Apple charger is not expensive but the price is not low. It works very well with hot-selling Apple mobile phones, such as the iPhone 12, Apple’s main mobile phone.


charger for phones

iPhone12 is one of Apple’s first 5G mobile phones, and iPhone12 is also one of the first mobile phones without a charger, and its sales far exceed other 5G iPhones, so it does not send chargers for Apple’s revenue. It is also extremely high. For most consumers who buy iPhone 12, they need to buy an Apple 20W fast charger separately. Regardless of the low power of this charger, it costs 149 yuan. The profit ratio is estimated to be more than iPhone12 is still high.

Provide the same price plan for consumers to choose, this is really environmentally friendly

Many consumers do have redundant chargers in their homes. In this case, not requiring chargers can contribute to environmental protection, but there is no doubt that providing solutions for consumers to choose by themselves is the best way. This is the case for Xiaomi. The representative manufacturer provides two versions of the same mobile phone. Consumers can choose with or without charging and the price is still the same. This is really for environmental protection. Xiaomi's first mobile phone to do this is the Mi 11 in the picture.


phone chargers

When Xiaomi Mi 11 was first released, it was priced from 3,999 yuan, which was very conscientious. At the same time, Xiaomi Mi 11 provides two versions, one is a set version with charger, and the other is a standard version without charging. You will get extra if you purchase the Mi 11 set version. A 55W charger is presented. The price of both versions is 3999 yuan. It is worth mentioning that entering the Xiaomi Mi 11 purchase interface. The default is the package version, which will not harm the rights and interests of ordinary consumers. In fact, as early as In addition to Apple, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun proposed this environmental protection idea.

Lack of charger chip, had to launch a version without charger

When the Huawei Mate40 series was released, Yu Chengdong once said that Huawei Mate40 will always give away chargers. However, he did not expect that many Huawei mobile phones, including Huawei Mate40 series, will launch versions without chargers. Since then, Yu Chengdong will That means that Huawei did not intend to cancel the included charger before, but it is embarrassing that the sanctions not only caused Huawei to lack the processor chip, but also that the chip in the charger was not enough. Huawei’s original fast charging heads with multiple powers are not enough. It is out of stock, so Huawei has to do this.


xiaomi pad chargers

This is more obvious on this Huawei Mate X2. You must know that Huawei Mate X2 is Huawei’s high-end flagship priced at 17,999 yuan. It’s okay to send a charger for such an expensive mobile phone, but now Huawei Mate X2 is also launched. The version without a charger is available, and only this version without a charger is available. The original Huawei Mate X2 with a charger is out of stock. Fortunately, the price of the Huawei Mate X2 without a charger has been reduced accordingly. 200 yuan allows consumers to buy third-party fast chargers themselves, so in contrast, Huawei's operation of not sending chargers is more conscientious.

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