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ZONSAN Innovation Technology at the 2023 Global sources show

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Author : ZONSAN
Update time : 2023-10-23 19:39:00

ZONSAN Innovation Technology at the 2023 Global sources show

At the 2023 Global Sources Exhibition - International Consumer Electronics Show held in HK. ZONSAN Innovation Technology showcases a series of eye-catching innovative 20- 140W GaN mini chargers products, 2 in 1 30W wireless charger ,  65W & 100W Power strip .
20 -100W GaN Mini chargers with family design
  1.  Include 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 45W, 65W, 140W 1- 3 port model to meet your diversified demands .
  2.  Compact size with higher chip integration and energy conversion southchip GaN technology.
  3.  Private One-piece molding, meticulous touch, novel appearance to make deep impression
  4.  Global recycle standard material ( GRS certified ) for environmental protection
  5.  With comprehensive EU certification CB , CE , ROHS ,ERP quality assurance from Intertek laboratory .
  6.  With KC , KCC certification for Korea Market
Debut Model ZX-2U77T 30W USB GaN Wall charger with watch wireless magnetic charging function. Compact size design is convenient for daily carrying. Multi - function satisfy daily power charging of your mobile phone & watch.
Parameter detail as follow
C port::DC 5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/2.5A 15V/2A 20V/1.5A (30W ) PPS: 3.3-11V/3A
A portDC 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A (18W )                                   
A+C:5V/3.6A (18W max )  
Wireless charger: 3W max
Equipped protocols: Apple2.4A, DCP5V/1.5A, QC2.0, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, PD3.0, QC4+
support fast charge for most of smartphone such as Samsung , iPhone . Xiaomi , oppo, vivo , Huawei etc
3 Port 65W & 100W Power strip
Power strip contains 1AC outlets, 2 USB-C + 1 USB-A ports, satisfying all your charging needs with one only. Can supply power to most household appliances, such as computers, TVs, hair dryers etc. 65W/100w fast Charging type-C port support maximum 65W/100W output fast charging for most laptops and cell phones in the market. GaN technology design with higher chip integration and energy conversion .Improved circuit and wiring structure with better layout design makes your desktop tidy and organized with less charger crowding or cable entanglement. Save you from the charger and cable mess.
The 2023 Global Sources exhibition has successfully concluded, and ZONSAN received widespread support and attention during the show. Our company will attend the GS exhibition in April 2024 & Oct 2024 again next year and looks forward to meeting everyone once more.