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Apple releases two 35W dual USB-C chargers, detonating the multi-port charger market

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Update time : 2022-06-27 17:34:05

Apple releases two 35W dual USB-C chargers, detonating the multi-port charger market

At 1:00 am Beijing time on June 7, 2022, Apple released on WWDC22, MacBook Air 2022, MacBook Pro 13 2022, it is equipped with a new Apple 35W dual USB-C charger, which was released in April It has been exposed, and this time it finally debuts as a standard configuration.

In terms of charger configuration, there are two versions. The eight-core GPU version comes standard with a 30W USB-C charger. This 30W charger is already an old friend, while the ten-core GPU version comes standard with a new 35W dual USB-C charging. device.

It is very rare for Apple to introduce the charger at the press conference. Compared with the previous standard 30W, the newly launched 35W dual USB-C charger has improved power. It has two USB-C output ports, which means With it, it can charge two devices at the same time. When traveling, you can charge your MacBook and iPhone together, and you only need to bring one charger.

The 35W dual USB-C charger is currently on the official Apple store, priced at 59.00USD. From the shape, it can be seen that it is not the same as the Apple charger family, using a "cookie-shaped flat side plug" structure The design is concave on both sides for easy hand-holding and pinching, and the two-legged folding pins are more portable for travel, but the pins are non-removable.

It can be known from the nameplate information provided on the official website that the charger model is A2579, it supports 100-240V~50/60Hz global power grid, supports blind power insertion function, and the output voltage can provide 20V1.75A / 15V2.33A when any single port is used. / 9V3A / 5V3A Four fixed voltage PDOs, the manufacturer is Salcomp Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which has passed 3C certification.
As early as April 12, 2022, professional charging information foreign media ChargerLAB broke the news about Apple's 35W dual USB-C charger, and it finally appeared after nearly two months.

According to media, the 35W dual USB-C charger and USB-C to MagSafe magnetic charging cable that come with the MacBook Air 2022 have been unveiled in Apple’s offline stores.

The surface of the charger is glossy, the back panel is gray-blue, and the pins are folded. The two USB-C ports are located on the side, and the cables will extend vertically downward when used on the wall.

In addition, Apple's official website also listed another "unmentioned" 35W dual USB-C charger at the conference. It is consistent with the previous design of Apple's charger family. The pins are folding pins and can be detached and replaced. The prices are exactly the same, both at 59.00 USD.
Summary of charging head network
Every time Apple launches a new charger, it will affect the trend of the global fast charging industry. This time, Apple has launched two new 35W USB-C chargers. The biggest feature is the "dual port", which is to solve the charging of multiple devices. It is believed that under the leadership of Apple, the multi-port charger market will be detonated.
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